Inspired by nature’s most spectacular phenomena, the decorative stones and thin bricks with evocative names, created by JR Stones are synonymous with style and elegance.

Easy to install, they enhance interior and exterior décors at competitive prices.

Why choose Pierre JR…


Create the illusion of a natural stone wall at a fraction of the cost, thanks to an installation method requiring no extra foundation or support.


Ideal whether renovating or building, on any sound exterior or interior surface, without modifying the existing structure. Add charm and elegance to any residential or commercial project!

Natural Beauty and Prestige

Cast in molds made with natural stones, JR STONES products capture the essence of nature’s own creations. Add an authentic stone look to any design!

Quality and Permanence

JR STONES products are cement-based, durable, non-flammable, colorfast, and come with a 30-year limited warranty. They have undergone rigorous testing and are adapted to virtually any climate.


Choose among a vast selection of models and colors. JR STONES products provide consistency in color, even when the stone is cut or reshaped.

Ease of Installation

Our Stone and Brick Veneer products are thin and lightweight, therefore easy to install on any surface without modifying the existing structure. Simply apply to wall surface instead of stacking like traditional masonry!

Local Product

Made in Quebec, Canada

Design Ideas

Decorate any interior (wine cellar, fireplace, kitchen…) or exterior surface (home façade, column, chimney, barbecue…). Combine with other building materials (wood, acrylic, natural stone, vinyl siding, brick…) for a unique and timeless look.

About us

Since 1994 we have been manufacturing an innovative Stone Veneer product, which has all the beauty, feel, and look of natural stone but is more versatile and inexpensive to install. Add value and architectural prestige to your property with this unique and timeless product!