Thin Brick

Used in the past as a material of choice for building structures, bricks today remain popular with interior designers. They are the indisputable standard that has inspired JR Stones’s thin brick veneer, a product ideal for creating a simple, natural and sophisticated décor.

Available colors
Technical information

Height 2 inches 51 mm
Length 7 inches ou 8 inches 178 mm or 203 mm
Nominal thickness 0.5 inches  
Weight per unit 3 to 4 pounds per square feet 15 à 20 kg per square meter
1 carton covers 10 sq ft 0,93 sq meters
  or 6 linear ft or 1,83 meters long
  using a 3/8" mortar joint between bricks using a 10 mm mortar joint between bricks
Made of
Portland Cement, Aggregates, and Iron Oxide (pigmentation).
Detailed technical data available upon request.
Non-flammable (can be installed behind a wood-burning stove or around a wood-burning fireplace)
Colorfast (will not fade or disintegrate, even if in contact with water)
Maintenance-free (dust if necessary)
Superior Quality Manufacturing Process
Durable Product (Limited 30-year Warranty)
Products subjected to rigorous testing, adapted to virtually any climate
Comply with National Building Code